Online Poker Freeroll Tournament No Pay, All Play


Nothing comes from nothing. Not in an online poker freeroll tournament. You pay nothing, still you may win something. Online poker freeroll tournament is where you get to join a poker tournament for free and get the chance to win real cash prizes.

Prizes of online poker freeroll tournaments vary. Some sites give as much as $5 million dollar-total in cash prizes.

In some cases, prize comes in the form of entry to a major tournament such as the World Series of Poker, or to a multi-table tournament, or to any larger tournament.

Online poker freeroll tournament is offered by almost every internet cardroom. Here, you are not required to deposit cash for the buy-in and the entry fee. Entry to an online poker freeroll tournament may be gained in many ways. Every internet cardroom has its own system of qualifying players to join their freeroll tournament.

Online poker freeroll tournament acts as a way to comp regular site players or players who have high record of wins in cash tournaments. Poker sites generally give accumulative bonus points. When one has garnered certain number of points, the player is entitled to a seat in a site’s online poker freeroll tournament.

Bonus points are granted, typically, in two ways: for every real cash money tournament played, or for every cash deposit made. Bonus point system differ among poker sites. Thus, how many points one is supposed to earn is determined independently by the poker room itself.

In some cases, new site registrants are also granted entry to a freeroll tournament. Some conditions may also apply. A site, for instance, may require that the player deposit a certain amount for the initial money deposit, or that the player reach a certain deposit amount in one-month period.

Some sites also comp players who have high winning record for a set period of time with a seat at their online poker freeroll tournament. Typically, the period set is 30 days. Some sites also select players on quarterly and semi-annual bases.

If you want strike a chance at a million dollar cash prize or three million dollars, if you want to get a chance of playing in the WSOP without paying any buy-in or entry fee, an online poker freeroll tournament provides you those possibility. All you need to have to play for free, typically, is either an accumulated number of play bonus points or deposit bonus points, or an accumulated number of winnings in real money online poker tournaments.


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