Poker Tactics When to Go All-in


Regardless of any Poker strategy that you decide to use, it is imperative that the notion of going all in should part of the plan. Whether it is forced upon you by circumstances or by a conscious choice, it is something that must always be considered.

Needless to say a lot of factors have to be taken into account when you decide to put everything in the middle. Among them is the size of your stack as compared with the blinds. The basic Poker strategy is that if the blinds are larger than your stack, you should not go all in.

If it is smaller, then it is a more viable option. Of course, this is only a general guide, and the overall size of your chips, and that of the other Poker players on the table, will also play a considerable role in determining your Poker strategy.

Of course you should also consider the table that you are playing in. A lot of the time, your actions with regards to raising or going all in will depend on the tells that your have been able to gleam from your opponents. It is therefore important that you learn to read players.

If you are in a Poker tournament you should consider going all in if you have a short stack. Often players prefer to bet small, waiting for the big hand to come up. However, that is an impractical Poker strategy in tourneys, especially if there are few players on the table. The reason is that the blinds will come much faster and obliterate your chips.

Again in tournament play you should go all in when you have a flush draw, even if the chip leader calls. The reason is that the odds are in your favor. If your flush is high, then you should call, as it will be pretty difficult to beat. In addition, the chip leader may be hesitant to risk his chips if you go all in.

Of course if you are near the money, your Poker strategy should be far more conservative as your goal is to make the cut.

Going all in requires a lot of thinking and tactical planning. The situations cited above are only some that you will encounter during games. However, as you play Poker more and more, you will be able to learn other ways to adjust your game, and make you a better player.


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