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The Surrender Option in Roulette

Players betting on roulette often disregard the surrender option. This is the option that can help you increase your odds considerably while taking the “0” and the “00” slots into account. The surrender rule is not to be found on every roulette table; however you would have to look for it. The surrender option works the best and would help you gain some or all of your wagers back if the white roulette ball lands on “0” or a “00” slot. Such a way, the casino’s edge is either eliminated or reduced to a great extent. But the only catch with this rule is that it works only when you place your bets on the outside slots.

Roulette Table

The outside slots are those where you place your even/odd bets, black/red bets and high/low bets. Whenever the surrender rule is in place and the ball lands on either of the zero slots, you may get half of your money back or even get the full amount back in some rare cases. It is pretty difficult to get hold of those tables that offer surrender rule in the traditional as well as the online casinos. If at all you happen to find this option, it would be offered at the American roulette tables and not European tables. In such cases, you would be able to receive only half of your bets.

At the time of making use of the other betting systems such as the Martingale, betting only on the odd and the even parts of the boards can augment your chances of winning. But there is no guarantee that you would win consistently out of the roulette spins every time you make use of the surrender option.


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