The Best Roulette Gambler Joseph Jagger

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Gambling has witnessed a lot of legends in a variety of gambling games all through the history that include the list of the poker champions such as Phil Helmuth, Johnny Chan as well as Joe Hachem. However, one such popular game that has lately been overlooked up until so far has been Roulette. A majority of us still believe that roulette is a game of luck and absolutely no one can predict the number on which the small white ball is going to land.

There are a lot of theories existing in the market and a lot of people are trying several mathematical formulas, however no one seems to get the right crack. People are constantly trying out their theories in the traditional as well as the online casinos. There has been only one individual so far who happened to break the casino bank in the nineteenth century – Joseph Jagger.

Roulette Wheel

Joseph was known to belong to that elite group of gamblers who actually broke the bankroll at the Monte Carlo casino. Joseph was a mechanical engineer and he put all his efforts in studying the roulette wheel. He employed some men to help him in his study and they would record the outcomes of six roulette wheels in the much-hyped Monte Carlo casino. Joseph would then analyse the data in order to find out the bias in the wheel. With the kind of data that was generated everyday; it took him several years to hit upon the exact formula that he was looking for.

Along with his team, he concluded that the numbers would constantly land on nine numbers and then drift away to other numbers for some odd reason. Jagger didn’t really care about the reason until the consistency of those nine numbers was maintained. After such analysis and some winning strategy, Joseph Jagger took home an amount of 60000 pounds, which is equal to three million dollars in today’s play.


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