The Evolution of Video Poker Machines


Evolution Vs Creation has always been one of the most popular topics for a debate. A lot of us, who play video poker, online or offline, are not aware of the fact that the game was invented even before the development of internet. The first kind of the ‘video poker’ machine was introduced in the year 1891 by two individuals called Pitt and Sittman.

The first ever machine contained five rollers and there was absolutely no mechanism for a winner to get paid. These machines were typically owned by people who owned bard. As soon as the player won, he would be required to show those five rollers to the bartender and would be awarded with a free drink of his choice. Even though these machines seemed to have no room for further evolution, very few were carried beyond the borders of New York.

An individual called Charles Fey was greatly inspired by this invention and later came up with the first slot machine known as the ‘Liberty Bell’. This invention was also beyond mainstream and became popular when Flamingo was brought up in Las Vegas. With the increasing popularity of the gaming industry, these machines are in great demand.

Poker and slot machines are a huge business concern today and as the market grew, the technology got complex and better. Poker machines add to the business of any good casino. Therefore, a machine that was incepted to entertain the bars has now become an integral part of the online casinos. Games like ‘Jacks or Better’, ‘Joker Poker’ and ‘Deuces and Poker’ are some of the widely played video poker games in the world.


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