Try Your Hand in Online Video Poker


When video poker hit the casino scene in the mid-70s, it immediately made waves among the poker playing public because it combined the best elements of slots and poker. Like slots, the heart of a video poker machine is a random number generator that determines the cards that are dealt from a 52 or 53 virtual card deck. And just like slots, video poker is a solitary game that does not require interaction with a card dealer or with other players for that matter – a perfect game for players who feel intimidated playing on a poker table against more experienced and skilled players. But unlike slots whose outcome depends solely on luck, video poker is a game that pits the player’s skill against a machine. With the advent of the Internet, online video poker became the rage because poker enthusiasts no longer have to travel just to play video poker in their favorite land based casino.

Through the convenience of modern Internet technology, poker players can now play online video poker from their homes whenever they are in the mood to play just a few hands or a few hours. The convenience of playing the game in the privacy of your home gives you the liberty to holler with joy at the top of your lungs if you win, and cry your heart out when you lose without losing your face in public. Online video poker is an easy game that is just between you and the machine. There is no need for you to read poker tells, memorize complex odds tables or be baffled whether another player across the poker table is bluffing your pants off or not. With online video poker, all you have to do is to decide whether you should keep or discard a card and get a new one. The good thing is that you can take your time deciding what to do without having to worry that your indecision will cause some grumbling among other players.

It is very easy to play online video poker. Players are dealt 5 cards and decide whether they should keep or discard a card in favor of a new one, and if they draw what is considered a winning hand they win. Because online video poker is a game of skill, the player must know the basic playing strategies and play the optimum level. When played to near perfect strategy, the player can actually influence the odds in his favor and for which the online video poker machine will yield extremely high payouts not ordinarily experienced in other casino or online games.


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