Using Basic Poker Plays to Win


Because of the information available now on the Internet, a lot of players now often use a lot of advanced Poker strategies and techniques. True, there are times when value bets, semi bluffs, overcalls etc should be used. However, a lot of times there are instances wherein the basics are more than enough.

Knowledge of advanced Poker strategies are essential especially when you are playing in a high stakes games, but if you play in the lower limits, most of the time, the basic tactics will be more than sufficient to help you take down the pot.

Fro example, betting. It is a basic part of the game, yet it can be used as an effective Poker strategy. Betting aggressively before the flop in a tight game for instance, can help you take the pot right there and then. Also, the bet can be used to protect your hand. If you are holding a set but fear that a draw could hurt your chances, you can make a sizeable bet (i.e., half the pot) to discourage the other players from playing on.

Calling can also be used as a Poker strategy. A lot of times you can use this to make a draw. You can do the same with a bet, but it will cost you more. Also, holding a strong hand means it is a good time to employ a check call, as this often encourages other players into making bets and raises.

Raising, of course is one of the premiere Poker strategies that pro players use. Using it sends a strong message to your opponents that you have a strong hand. If you are first to act you can use this position to check raise when you get the good hands. If you are last to act, then you are in a very strong position to steal the blinds, slow play and generally control the flow of the game with your raise.

Folding is often seen as the least favorable aspect of the game, but pro players know that it is a fundamental part of any winning Poker strategy; by folding your hands it means that you are restricting the types of hands that you play, and also saving money.

These are basic strategies, but are in fact very serviceable and in most games, particularly if you are just starting out in the low stakes, can be more than enough to win a lot of money. Remember that in Poker, as in anything else in life, you should make it a point to try and keep it simple.


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